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Recent News Articles and Press Releases

Beating The Economy!

Make Your Used Car Look New Again!
  June, 2010 - Consumers holding onto Used Cars longer
According to A March 2010 report from Polk, the Automotive Information group, the trend seen over the last eight years is pretty stark. As new and used vehicle sales in the U.S. have taken a hit in recent years, the chances that consumers hold onto their vehicles for longer periods of time has definitely risen. In late 2001, the average number of months Americans held onto a new car or truck was 34.2 months. As of September 2009, it was over 60 months. That's about double.

With consumers holding onto their used cars due to the economy, it only makes sense that they would take better care of them to hold them over until the economy changes so they can upgrade to a newer one. Taking care of them also means putting that showroom new paint job on it. This can help in several ways, it makes the owner feel good about his/her car again and it also helps to maintain a value of the vehcile until trade-in time is affordable. A $3000-4000 complete paint job can certainly be less expensive than buying a new car. Auto Body Unlimited Inc., in Simi Valley, offers complete paint jobs starting at $2500 to help with the economy. Contact Dr. Jay today to see how you can bring your used car back to showroom condition again.

OEM Consumer Information News!

  June 9, 2010
California Insurance Department issues aftermarket parts notice to Insurers!
Aftermarket parts have always been a concern of both consumers and the California Department of Insurance. Consumers often want to cut costs when paying out of pocket, but when it comes to an insured repair, many times insurance companies and some body shops try doing the same. This can affect consumer safety. This month the California Insurance Department issued an aftermarket parts notice to Insurance companies reminding them of regulatory requirements as they pertain to the use of non-OEM Parts.

It seems that many parts some insurers were approving were not up to OEM Standards, especially bumpers and frame related parts that support and provide for collision safety. The CRA, Collision Repair Assoaciation of California did some testing and found out this to be a factor. The CRA then called upon the CID to enforce their own regulations to the insurers. According to Allen Wood, the CRA's director, California law calls for insurance companies to make determinations about aftermarket parts as part of the claims process. "Insurers can't use a substandard part to settle a claim," says Wood, "If they do they are paying the claim short."

I-Car Gold Member Simi Valley   May, 2010, Simi Valley, CA US...Auto Body Shop Strikes Gold
This year celebrates Auto Body Unlimited Inc. of Simi Valley's 19th year as an I-Car Gold Professional Auto Body and Collision Repair facility. Exactly what does it mean to be an I-Car Gold Auto Body Collision Repair shop? Founded in 1979, I-CAR is an international, not-for-profit training organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of auto collision repair...<more>
save money on gas increase gas mileage   Oct, 2008, Simi Valley, CA US.. Body Shop Discovers Fuel Savings
25% Gas Savings - Increase Engine Life - Clean Combustion Chambers!
That's the claim of Fuel Legacy's Gas Additive offered from I-Car Gold Auto Body and Collision Repair Entreprenuer Jay Schoen.

When Jay Schoen, President of Auto Body Unlimited Inc., Simi Valley, an I-Car Gold Professional Auto Body and Collision Repair facility discoered a new gasl saving product for his customers he put it to the test.. Schoen, has been on the lookout for an alternative to the high prices of gasoline to offer clients. and with a lot of other products stating similar claims, Schoen chose H2oils eefuel or Fuel Legacy nanotechnology product. See the full report and news release at:
fuel legacy eefuel lube from   Dec, 2008, Simi Valley, CA US.. New exciting Oil Additive
Save Money - Boost Mileage and Power - Reduce Emissions!
That's another in the line of Fuel Legacy's products that comes from Jay Schoen, President of Auto Body Unlimited Inc. Simi Valley, CA.

eeLube is another advanced breadkthrough in the engine oil technology. eeLube® is highly concentrated; only 10ml is needed to treat one quart of engine oil. Simply add the right amount of eeLube® directly to the engine crankcase. eeLube® will then dynamically disperse itself throughout the engine oil forming a matrix of nano-sized clusters made of specially designed chemicals that are fully compatible with engine oils of all types. Wholesale distributorship or just retail purchases are available. Check out the full facts and get yours today!

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