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Dr Michael Melman, Adolescent Medicine and Pediatrics from Simi Valley, CA brought his Prize 2017 LT1 Stingray Corvette to Dr. Jay

"No matter how large or small the damage, bring your Corvette into Dr Jay right away so it doesn't get worse. And realize that when people start getting dings or dents in their cars and don't fix them, they just start letting it all go and that reduces both how you feel about your car and it's value"

Even though Dr. Melman's Stingray only had minor damage to front bumper cover front lower center he wanted it fixed right so he brought it to Auto Body Unlimited's California's Corvette Body Repair and Paint Center

Dr. Jay's Magnifying Proof
2017 Vette stingray urethane repair paint
What other Body Shop in the World shows Start to Finish Videos and also puts their work to the Magnifying Test to show you the damage and Finished job?

The Magnifyer shows close up damage that required precision repairs before a primer could be applied
Corvette urethane fiberglass auto body repair paint shop

Fiberglass and Urethane Repairs were needed on the front end damage to make Michael's Stingray look like it never was there.

Corvette Stingray bumper repair paint job

Increase your Car's Value with a Dr. Jay Paint Job! 
This Brand New off the Showroom Floor Repair and Paint Job is an excellent example of how Dr. Jay's precision auto body repairs and complete paint jobs will certainly make your Corvette look, no matter what year of model you own, it will look like it came off the showroom floor. This is also a very solid reason why in this economy where many people seem to be holding onto their used Vettes longer, that a Complete Paint Job from Dr. Jay can increase the Value of your Corvette. Certainly likely to provide you with a higher resale value when you do make that decision to sell or upgrade. Unlike a couple of photos here and there on a body shop's website, this is the sort 'Start to Finish' Example Dr. Jay Features in all his Videos so everyone can see the details that go into each repair and/or paint job. Be sure to watch the entire Video to see the Start to Finish 'Dr. Jay Transformation!'

See how Dr. Jay can
Make YOUR AUTOMOBILE 'Great Again!
Dr. Jay's Auto Body Repair and Paint Refinish Center for  Cars Body Repair and Paint Needs, from Rust and Fiberglass to Dents and Glass Repairs.

"Auto Body Unlimited Opens Earlier and Closes Later than Most other Body Shops"
Mon - Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm
Open Some Saturdays - call first

Call and Talk to Dr. Jay personally about his COMPLETE PAINT JOBS
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Dr. Jay Auto Body Unlimited, 'The Crash Doctor, America's Classic Chevy body repair and paint Center. When  you're on vacation in Califoria or if you live here, a trip to see Dr. Jay will make your auto, truck, suv or van look Brand New Again and Dr. Jay usually gets you in and out in a very fast but smooth time frame, especially when hard to locate parts are not a problem!

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Important on Insurance Rates and Claims
Insurance rates are based on chargable claims not on 'not at fault' claims. In other words the only way your insurance rates can go up is if you're at fault, also you have the right to use any body shop of your choice, not where your insurance company refers you to.

 Dr. Michael Melman's New Stingray looked Showroom New Again after Dr. Jay was done with it!

After Dr. Jay finished the Fiberglass and Urethane Repair he performed his maticulous color matching process to make Dr. Melman's Vette look 'Great Again!'

Even the smallest dings or damage require skilled precision repair and paint on Corvettes. With Dr. Jay's Precision Vette process, it is impossible to see not only the prior damage, but where his special color, match and blend technique left off
Corvette repair and paint jobs Auto Body Unlimited

Corvette Owners are very picky. As Dr. Michael Melman knows and "If Dr. Jay can do it for Corvettes with Urethane, Fiberglass and a combination of other materials, then he most certainly can do it for Yours"

Corvette STINGRAY History

SECOND Generation Corvette (C2; 1963–1967)
The second generation (C2) Corvette, introduced Sting Ray to the model class.

SEVENTH Generation Corvette (C2; 2013-Present)
2017 Year Production began July 11, 2016
53 Years later, the seventh generation Corvette, 2013 to current, re-introduced the Stingray back into their class lineup.

Dr. Jay's Fiberglass & Urethane Repair and Paint Job
Dr. Melman's LT1 Stingray Corvette had minor damage to front bumper cover front lower center. But even the smallest dings or damage can require precision work so that the repair blends in completely un-noticed after the Paint Finish.

Just Some of the Work Dr. Jay did on the 2017 Stingray
Remove/Install Front deflector
Remove/Install Grille assy w/o camera, w/o Z51 pkg
Remove/Replace COLOR SAND & BUFF

Dr. Jay wants to thank Dr Melman for trusting his brand new Stingray to Auto Body Unlimited and for taking his valuable time from his busy Pediatric Medical Service to do an Audio Interview to talk about how happy he was with the way his Stingray looked when Dr. Jay was finished, helping Dr. Jay's to showcase his work!

No matter what kind of damage to your Corvette, Xtensive or Small, dents, scratches or dings, Dr. Jay will work with you to get your Vette back on the road looking Showroom New Once again. Remember, fixing those collision damage repairs, even smaller onces, increases your automobiles resale Value and with Dr. Jay's most Extensive Video Repair consumer Review Videos in America, you might have a video of your car done by Award Winning Dr. Jay, to show at the time of your sale..

Don't Forget -
Dr. Jay Auto Body Repair Simi Valley, CA
2 NEW Financing Plans to Choose From!

Through Our Exclusive arrangement, Dr. Jay Now Offers You New and Unique Ways to Pay for Your Repair or Paint Job on a 2 Unique New Financing Plans to Get Your Car in Today! Check them out Now!

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A Great New Time, Money Saving
and Protection Policy for You from Dr. Jay -

Insurance companies are now working directly with quality body shop and specifically with “The Shop of Choice Program” and "Open Shop Assignment" through the-state-of-the-art CCC estimating platform. Both programs allow the body shop to DIRECTLY Upload Pictures and Estimates to Insurance company or fleet companies, a time saving procedure that's good for you, the customer. This process does not have any discounts or new rules to follow for Auto Body Unlimited to be included. Auto Body Unlimited participates in both these platforms, and REMEMBER, Auto Body Unlimited is NOT a DRP 'Direct Repair Program limited shop relying on Insurance companies for business, YOU are OUR Customer, and that's good for you. So be sure to try and get in on this valuable new program by asking your insurance company if they Participate in either of these 2 Programs.

So what do you do? Very Simple, just tell your insurance company to assign you to Auto Body Unlimited, then give us a call and it's taken care off. 'Be sure to ask your Insurance Company if they participate in 'The Shop of Choice'or the 'Open Shop Assignment' Program.

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Dr. Jay personally Welcomes all Corporate Firms with a fleet of service vehicles, from Sales Cars to Medium Duty Service Trucks to contact  Dr. Jay today to see how your company can benefit from using Dr. Jay..
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