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Dr. Jay - I-CAR Platinum Award
Auto Body Unlimited Inc, The Crash Doctor Dr. Jay I-Car Platinum Award from www.thecrashdoctor.com
Dr. Jay's - 'Saving You Money'
New Affordable Collision Safety Repair Options Video

Previous Salvage with Collision Safety Repair

Salvage Repair Experts

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This customer purchased this 2003 Nissan Altima S as a Salvage Vehicle that was written off as a complete Salvage by their Insurance Company. The Customer purchased this car for her son to go to college then he got in an accident and she brought the car to Dr. Jay.

salvage repair collision safety job from http://www.thecrashdoctor.com

When the customer told Dr. Jay that they wanted to keep the car and asked if there was anyway Jay could help, Dr. Jay suggested a unibody repair and safety damage check to fix all safety components. This helped bring the car back to a safe driving condition, but was left with cosmetic paint scratches. Something the customer could live with until a later date. This saved a lot of money for the customer and put her back on the road in her car again.

Complete Unibody Safety Checks and Repairs were performed

collision safety repair on previously estimated salvage job from www.thecrashdoctor.com

Looks can be Deceiving!
The Above 3 photos are an excellent example of damage that is not noticeable. The damage sustained by this 2013 Taurus was enough to set off the air bag and cause frame damage that required correction by Dr. Jay..  Watch the VIdeo to see the start to finish repair in much more detail
salvage unibody inspection altima s nissan economy safety repair photo from www.thecrashdoctor.com
The Crash doctor meticulously went over the entire unibody system to ensure complete factory specificational safety on this Nissan Altima S that was previously written off as a Salvage by the insurance company..

The front fender is now aligned perfectly with the grill and fenders. All that is needed now is a body repair and paint.

salvage economy repair job after photo from www.thecrashdoctor.com
Unibody and Frame Importance
On Front end damage Dr. Jay always inspects the Unibody system for any frame damage, a major safety issue for all collision jobs.


For Fast, Reliable and High Quality Collision Repair and Paint needs bring
Fleet work to Dr. Jay

4610 E. Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley, CA

(800) 679-4848


Dr. Jay took this Previously
Salvaged collision damaged Nissan Altima and did an Affordable Safety Repair job to save the customer money!

previous salvage estimate collision economy repair job by www.thecrashdoctor.com
When Dr. Jay gets done with his repairs and paint it would be hard pressed to discern between a repaired damaged car and one that came off the Showroom Floor.

Dr. Jay's Repair included:

Remove - Install

LT Headlamp Replaced

Remove - Replace LT Fender liner


The total cost to get Stephanie's Altima
back on the street running safely again
was affordably low.

Salvage safety collision repair unibody frame straightening from www.thecrashdoctor.com
Unibody Frame measuring to exact specifications
Dr. Jay's skilled technicians go over every compnonent of the unibody system to ensure nothing is overlooked during the unibody repair.

salvage unibody safety before and after photos from www.thecrashdoctor.com

Before and After Side View
before and after salvage unibody repair from www.thecrashdoctor.com
While you can see that the Altima has outside scratches and cosmetics needed, it is entirely safe to drive until the cosmetics can be refinished.

Dr. Jay also has a Long Standing History of Award Winning Restorations and Paint Jobs!

Check out this Award Winning Mercedes that has Won Numerous Car Show Awards
Classic European Mercedes Benz Video

Watch the video on Frank Pecarich's Auto Show Award Winning 67 Mercedes 250SE
Restored by Dr. Jay


The Crash Doctor - Dr. Jay has a wide array of Options to help keep your Salvaged vehicle on the road and running safely.

If your insurance company estimates the damage to your car at more than what the book value is then you have an option to retain the vehicle and receive a reduced payment. The vehicle will then most likely be written off as a Salvage job.

Dr. Jay has Options for you such as:

Get your car back on the road safely and affordably now!

Keep your car and make it safe to drive by repairing only the safety damage. The car will stil have exterior cosmetic remedies needed but you will be able to safely drive your car until such time as you have the finances to do a complete paint job.

Dr. Jay's Unique Money Saving Options:

Insurance generally total a vehicle at 70% of value. There are two types of total jobs:

1 - Unrepairable
Economic loss value
2 - Damage
Exceeding 70% of Blue Book your vehicle's Value.

An insurance company also takes into account rental car costs and open items.

An insurance company will total a car with less that 70% damage if there is potential hidden damage.

Often a person retaining the salvaged car will get paid much more than the repair costs. Also an insurance company needs to include all damage and some damage is just cosmetic that the customer can live with. Examples are scratched paint, minor damage to wheel, small dents.

At ABU when we repair a salvage vehicle we have a few rules:

1 - Necessary Safety Parts:
We do all necessary safety repairs including all frame and unibody repair, Mechanical and air bags.

2 - We can align parts

3 - Money Saving:
No paint saving hundreds of dollars.


If would like to hear about many other cost saving Options from Auto Body Unlimited Inc. take care of your Fleet Business, give Dr. Jay a call Direct.

(800) 679-4848







4610 E. Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley, CA 93063

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